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JDify is a holistic unified platform that offers a suite of SaaS products built for solving niche problems, pain points & needs for individuals, startups to enterprises.

Our commitment to data privacy and security is embedded in every product.

We take the security of our platform and our customers' data seriously.

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We're proud to be working with these incredible companies and thankful for their feedback, suggestions, and support.

“We use Announcekit basically to communicate news to our users, both within our web app and in the blog that is created automatically with all entries. It is a process that we carry out in a very fast and efficient way with this tool.”

Isabel Dimas

Manager @ Gesforma

“Started using it a number of months back as a marketing tool to promote news, blog posts, etc. on our homepage. Watched the numbers pretty closely and it kinda blew our mind with how effective it was. Highly recommend.”

Gregg Blanchard

VP of Marketing @ Inntopia

“AnnounceKit has helped us bring more clarity to our website visitors, and educate our users about everything new at Waydev. Users get a collective page where they get to search and check if we have the right features that they need.”

Mike Dums

COO @ Waydev

Took 2 mins to get setup and going. Really flexible in content and formatting. We include videos, gifs, and links in our release notes. It's also been great so that everyone on the team and easily have one place to track and see all our major releases.

Philippe H.

VP of Product

waitwhile brand
How Waitwhile team announce their product updates easily and quickly
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I love a good customer journey. Shout out to announcekit Setup in minutes, Had a quick support q, heard back in < 5 minutes, Setup custom domain & purchased in < 30 minutes. Now we have a change log and it integrates with @intercom

Mike Preuss

Founder & CEO @ Visible

Sleek Brand
See how AnnounceKit has become a big part of Sleeknote’s product marketing process
Read case study
Besides being easy to use and extremely flexible the absolutely best part of AnnounceKit is their support. It doesn't matter how good a solution is if the company behind it does not provide good and responsive support

Ezra W.


Using AnnounceKit was just what we needed to simplify our release notes and other communications with our users. And it integrates right into our Intercom Messenger.

Scott Fitzgerald

Product Manager

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