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your Online Business.

JDify is a holistic unified platform that offers a suite of 25+ products built for specific problems, pain points & needs for startups, side hustlers & SMBs.

14-day free trial. No credit card. 7-day support.

Reviews & Ratings

Wish to collect more reviews? Wish to collect actionable data? Engage with users? And, do so without coding?

Collect Reviews on Autopilot

Collect customer reviews, videos reviews, and photos reviews with automatic SMS or email requests.

Collect Website Feedback

Get real-time actionable clear visual feedback directly from your website or online store.

Conversational Surveys and Forms

Solicit feedback and gain insights from your audience with an easy to create a survey.


The chatbot is embedded on your website or online store and collects visitor data and feedback.

Content Management

An extensive range of tools and controls to manage, measure, and respond to customer-generated content.


With Reviews.link, you own & control all your content. Build a content policy that’s right for your brand using our range of advanced moderation controls.


Your customer command center where you can track, measure, report on, and optimize all aspects of customer marketing.

Engagement and Support

Respond to customer feedback with public or private replies. Integrate with your helpdesk to automatically open tickets for negative reviews.

JDify have all the software you'll ever need for your
business and accelerate your work

Create, collaborate, manage projects, and reach new productivity peaks, both you and your team.

Reputation & personal branding

Keep an eye on your social impression to increase your brand value.

Popular features


Productive tools

Organize your browser and find site-related activities in a centralized dashboard.

Popular features


Creative tools

Bring artistic style into a digital world with confidence for your audience to remember.

Popular features


HR management

Boost your sourcing and evaluate candidates effectively while getting your team involved in the process.

Popular features


Collaborative tools

Collaborate with your clients, stakeholders, team, etc. by keeping everyone is in the same loop.

Popular features


Website tools

Smart and easy-to-use tools to personalize your visitor's experience and increase conversions.

Popular features


Your privacy and security is our priority


We believe integrity is paramount to our success. Our culture of security is designed to strengthen and protect all our customer information.


JDify ensures to take all the required business and technology steps to operate in a manner compliant with GDPR. We are always GDPR ready.


JDify commits to protect privacy at all levels to help our customers improve their website experience and protect our data with the utmost protection.


JDify is a reliable suite of software as we ensure the software quality & performance, functional fulfillment, and secured infrastructure.

Designed for businesses of all sizes .

From ideation to planning to execution, JDify provides platforms that support every aspect of your business.